White Paper: A New Kind of Social Ordering: Self-Sovereignty, Autonomous Trust and P2P Parity

A New Kind of Social Ordering Self-Sovereignty, Autonomous Trust and P2P Parity John Henry Clippinger, Ph.D. Executive Summary Technology has become the singular vehicle for re-imagining and re-designing Humanity and Nature. This impossible and imposed charter is something for which neither technologists nor policy makers are equipped. One vital challenge to this new mandate is… Read more »

Human Nature and Social Networks

By Dr. John H. Clippinger John H. Clippinger: Human Nature and Social Networks Introduction This chapter argues that a variety of scientific discoveries are radically changing our understanding of human nature and that they offer new approaches to achieving effective command and control within edge organizations. Different models of organization vary in their assumptions about… Read more »

The Windhover Principles for Digital Identity, Trust, and Data

Self-Sovereign Identity and Control of Personal Data: Individuals and groups should have control of their digital personal identities and personal data. In today‚Äôs digital world, we communicate, share and transact digitally over the Internet. Individuals who make use of the internet for these purposes should have control over their digital identities and personal data ensuring… Read more »

21 Top Bitcoin and Digital Currency Companies Endorse New Digital Framework for Digital Identity, Trust and Open Data

  MIT Media Lab Spin-Out ID3 Spearheads Group to Build an Open Source Secure and Trusted Platform to Advance Digital Currency Transactions Group to Advance Global, Industry-Wide Initiative Based on Windhover Principles   October 20, 2014 10:40 ET CAMBRIDGE, MA–(Marketwired – Oct 20, 2014) — ID3 (Institute for Data Driven Design), a research nonprofit founded… Read more »

MIT/ID3 Conference Explores “The Ecology of Digital Assets: Identity, Trust and Data”

As more of our personal and public lives become infused and shaped by data from sensors and computing devices, the lines between the digital and the physical have become increasingly blurred. New possibilities arise, with an inexorable momentum that is supplanting time-honored practices and institutions. M.I.T. and ID3 hosted an invitational conference to assess the… Read more »

ID3 Releases “From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond”

From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond: The Quest for Identity and Autonomy in a Digital Society. Anthology probes the rise of digital currencies, self-organized governance and secure online identity. ID3, the Boston-based nonprofit affiliated with the M.I.T. Media Lab, announces the release of a collection of fifteen essays that explores a new generation of… Read more »

Privacy and Compliance by Design

In the face of archaic regulatory systems for assuring privacy and secure digital identity, Dr. John H. Clippinger recently released a working draft paper that outlines a dramatically new and more effective regulatory approach. His paper, published below in full, is entitled, “Privacy and Compliance by Design: Proposal For New 21st Century Regulatory Framework to… Read more »

Introducing Open Mustard Seed

ID3, working in cooperation with M.I.T. Media Lab and RR Donnelley, has produced a short video introducing the Open Mustard Seed platform (OMS). OMS is a new open source platform that gives individuals genuine control over their own personal information. The system is designed to let people collect and share data in secure, transparent and… Read more »

Thomas Hardjono on Kerberos and Open Mustard Seed

In a recent video interview, Thomas Hardjono, Technical Lead and Executive Director of the MIT Consortium for Kerberos and Internet Trust, explained how the Kerberos open source software is a key element of the Open Mustard Seed software platform being developed by ID3. Hardjono acts as a liaison with key external stakeholders who participate within… Read more »