Open Mustard Seed (OMS) Framework

With the help of researchers, developers and entrepreneurs, primarily from Harvard and MIT and the Boston Community, we are building an open data platform to enable people to share all their personal data within a legally constituted trust framework. This framework will allow people to have their own personal data service that can securely store and process static and dynamic data about themselves. Governed by ‘privacy by design’ principles, all agreements of the trust framework support open authentication, storage, discovery, payment, auditing, market making and monetized “app store” services. The goal is to take all of these services and make them available within an open-source framework that can be “mashed up” to enable the development of high value applications.

Introducing the Open Mustard Seed Framework

  • Many features you would expect out of an operating system for the cloud
  • Developer support enables rapid creation of cloud based private social mobile applications
  • Secured access using OpenID Connect
  • Portable access control manifest reduces the pain of user access control management
  • Modular composition of Resource Requests (claims and REST interfaces)
  • Modular structure of service APIs and access control defined using legal constraints
  • Automated deployment of Service Components (from hardware to complete cloud-based mobile application deployment)
  • Personal Data Service providing cloud storage and secure computation