Let the Data Flow…then Audit

In this eleven-minute video, John Clippinger, executive director of ID3, explains how new approaches for dealing with data are needed. He was interviewed by Meghan Kelly, a reporter with Venture Beat, at the Data Science Summit in December 2013. “A lot of our thinking about the regulation of data comes from the 1970s,” said Clippinger,… Read more »

An Interview with Alex “Sandy” Pentland about “Social Physics”

For good or ill, big data and networks have taken over our lives and, unfortunately, they too often run amok. From the Arab Spring, mediated on Twitter and Facebook, to the NSA spying scandal, to the 2008 financial crash, big data and networks are causing wrenching changes but very rarely can we piece together why,… Read more »

A Short Introduction to Holonics

One of the big challenges in trying to understand open networks is how to conceptualize them and their social dynamics. It turns out that the emerging field of holonics – an empirically based theory of living systems that blends multiple scientific and humanistic disciplines – offers some valuable insights. We recently spoke with a leading… Read more »

The Windhover Transition

A dozen writers, hackers, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and Internet activists met for a retreat in August 2013 at Windhover Farm in New Hampshire. The goal: to articulate a shared vision for a next generation social Internet that is trusted and responsive to human and ecological needs. Three days of discussion yielded a statement, “The Windhover… Read more »

The Spy-Phone vs. My-Phone: Moto X and Google Now

By John H. Clippinger ID3 If character is destiny for people, technical architecture is destiny for devices. To really trust someone, you need to understand her character. To really trust a device – say, a smartphone – you need to understand its architecture. The architecture of the Google Moto X is qualitatively different from its… Read more »

Stan Stalnaker Explains Hub Culture and the Ven

Compared to the virtual currency Bitcoin, the Ven may be “the world’s most boring currency,” said its founder Stan Stalnaker. But it is also one of the most stable and promising alternative currencies. The Ven, a commodity-backed digital currency, is actively traded by more than 15,000 members of Hub Culture, one of the earliest social… Read more »

A New Pan-African Digital Currency, the Impala?

What if everyone in Africa had a secure and authentic digital identity? In an oped in the Financial Times (October 29), Jonathan Ledgard and John Clippinger explain how a software platform that enables people to control their own digital identity and data could give rise to a new sort of pan-African digital currency. This in… Read more »

The Growing Quantified Self Movement

The convergence of mobile phones, wearable sensors, databases and ubiquitous Internet connections is giving a huge boost to the Quantified Self movement.  This is a loose, eclectic group of people worldwide who are using digital technologies to monitor their weight, diet, blood pressure, sleep, blood sugar and much more.  It all amounts to “DIY Big… Read more »

DARPA Supports Development of a Privacy/Trust Framework

Even though 12 to 25 percent of military personnel returning home from combat show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it is not always easy to assess the severity of their mental health problems.  Servicemembers themselves are not always aware of the psychological help they might seek.  To address this problem, the Defense Advanced Research… Read more »

Network-centric insurance for sharing enterprises

As open networks become the new foundation for many business models, it is intensifying pressure on old businesses to change – or collapse.  This is a familiar story in music and publishing, of course, but….insurance? Richard Nieva of Pando Daily describes how conventional insurance policies cannot easily cover new sorts of businesses based on sharing… Read more »