The Next Great Internet Disruption: Authority and Governance

As the Internet and digital technologies have proliferated over the past twenty years, incumbent enterprises nearly always resist open network dynamics with fierce determination, a narrow ingenuity and resistance.  It arguably started with AOL (vs. the Web and browsers), Lotus Notes (vs. the Web and browsers) and Microsoft MSN (vs. the Web and browsers, Amazon… Read more »

The Relative Ease of “De-Anonymizing” Data

Can the identity of an individual be protected while aggregating his or her personal information into a large data-set with similar data from millions of other people?  The traditional approach to this problem is to “anonymize” the data by stripping away information that could be used to identify a person.  But as a recently published… Read more »

Short papers for MIT / ID3 Workshop, February 21, 2013

Six participants in the MIT/ID3 Workshop on February 21, 2013, on “Data-Driven Societies” prepared short papers outlining some of their core concerns on the topic.  Below, the six papers are available for download: Alex “Sandy” Pentland, MIT Media Lab, “Data-Driven Societies,” Sandy Pentland, Data Driven Societies, MIT-ID, 3-21-13 John Henry Clippinger, “Will Social Engineering & Entrepreneurship… Read more »

NYT Profile of “A New Deal for Data”

Is it possible to make the transition to a world that relies upon Big Data without risking rampant privacy violations?  Traditionalists are skeptical, but in a March 24 piece by tech reporter Steve Lohr of the New York Times,  Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Director of the Human Dynamics Lab at the M.I.T., explains his vision of… Read more »

The Search for New Tools to Measure and Enhance Happiness

Can an app provide the basis for enhancing one’s happiness over time?  John C. Havens, founder of the H(app)athon Project,  hopes to find out.  The project, which bills itself as “crowdsourcing a vision for the happiness economy,” aims to produce an app that will use smartphones to monitor your emotional well-being and leverage Big Data… Read more »

New York Times Covers ID3 Gathering

Steve Lohr, tech reporter for the New York Times, provides a succinct overview of a recent ID3 gathering that explored the emerging uses of Big Data – and some innovative, socially responsible ways to harness that power.  In his blog post, “The Promise and Peril of the ‘Data-Driven Society’,” Lohr gives a quick look at Alex… Read more »

Can Big Data Lead to Smaller (Effective) Government?

By David Bollier and John Henry Clippinger Countless details of people’s daily lives today are being captured, stored and analyzed by large databases, enabling all sorts of commercial and social uses that are both empowering and troubling.  This trend is intensifying as digital technologies evolve and as more of our everyday lives migrate to digital… Read more »

Report from Davos 2013: The New Deal on Data

From Alex `Sandy’ Pentland of MIT Media Lab…. Since last spring’s  announcement of EU and US regulatory initiatives around personal data, there has been a great deal of background activity between regulators and industry.   As might be expected, there has been some change in positions.   The EU, with its legal framework based on human rights,… Read more »

Digital Common Law: Brief on Trust Frameworks and Self-Governance

John Henry Clippinger, ID3 Executive Director/CEO, and David Bollier, ID3 Managing Editor, wrote a working paper on Digital Common Law for an ID3 sponsored workshop held on May 31, 2012. From the introduction: As more of life and commerce are mediated by digital technologies and Internet platforms, the tensions between legacy institutions (centralized, hierarchical, control-based) and emergent social… Read more »

Alex Pentland: The New Science of Building Great Teams

ID3 co-founder and Chief Scientist, MIT Media Lab Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, published an article in the Harvard Business Review’s April 2012 issue, The New Science of Building Great Teams. At MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, we have identified the elusive group dynamics that characterize high-performing teams – those blessed with the energy, creativity, and shared… Read more »