Open Mustard Seed (OMS) Framework

Open Mustard Seed intents to provide a powerful new self-deploying and self-administrating infrastructure layer for the Internet, which gives individuals control over their identities and their data, and which enables the formation and self-governance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Authorities, and Enterprises for the creation and exchange of “digital assets.”


Open Mustard Seed (OMS) is an open-source framework for developing and deploying secure and trusted cloud-based and mobile applications. OMS integrates a stack of technologies including hardware-based trusted execution environments, blockchain 2.0, machine learning, and secure mobile and cloud based computing. This platform enables the managed exchange of digital assets, cryptocurrency, and personal information. Harnessing mobile and personal data, OMS establishes a sovereign identity, pseudonyms, and verified attributes and provides each user with a 3-factor biometrically-secured digital wallet. This gives individuals control over their identities and their data and supports the formation of decentralized, responsive, and transparent digital ecosystems.

  • Designed to scale to meet the needs of personal content networks, emerging from the Quantified Self, Internet of Things, and Personal Robotics movements
  • Provides a Personal Data Service (PDS) integrated with OpenID Connect for cloud storage, sharing, and secure computation
  • Designed to be a friction reducing open-source toolkit for the development of ecosystems that are composed of high value, data rich applications
    • Provides developer support to enable rapid creation of cloud based private social-mobile applications
    • Provides tools for managing system components including: storage, deployment, computation, discovery, digital currency services, escrow services, logs and oracles for auditing and compliance, and market and exchange automation
  • Implements open authentication and ‘privacy by design’ principles
    • Enables user-authorized execution of decentralized smart contracts for the management of their digital assets and networked services
    • Enables people to share all their personal data within a legally constituted trust framework

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