World Economic Forum and Open Mustard Seed

Both founders of ID3, Sandy Pentland and John Clippinger, are also members of the World Economic Forum Leadership Telecom Council and have been active working with the WEF ( in developing a new approach to protecting and sharing personal information as well as developing new approaches to “digital governance”. As part of that effort, we have undertaken Project Mustard Seed to develop an open mobile platform to support a variety of developmental initiatives in health, education, agriculture, and finance.

ID3 is undertaking the development and deployment of an open, trusted and secure mobile platform where anyone anywhere can acquire, protect, share, and monetize data to enable self governing applications and services to improve their lives and the lives of others. The goal is to make this sufficiently simple and ubiquitous that anyone, anywhere can set up their own trusted social network and applications.

The Open Mustard Seed project represents an effort to focus the goals of the open governance platform around concrete use cases that can be field tested, revised and extended by the open source community.

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