Nicolas Miallhe ID3 Fellow, People for Global Transformation, Harvard Kennedy School

Nicolas is passionate about digital empowerment and transformation power of technology. He has accumulated over ten years of professional experience in emerging markets -especially in South Asia and India- working at the crossroads of high technology, government, industry and society. An Arthur Sachs Scholar, Nicolas holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. He also holds an MA in geostrategy and industrial dynamics and a BA in Political Sciences. Nicolas has developed a robust expertise of innovation, personal data protection and privacy-enhancing technologies, collaborating with cutting-edge research centers, leading industrial players and NGOs, pioneering start-ups, as well as regulators and policy-makers. In 2012, he took a leadership role in convening “People for Global Transformation”: a high-level international working group gathering fifteen thinkers and practitioners to look at global challenges through the prism of the on-going technological explosion.

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