Robb Fitzsimmons ID3 Fellow and Harvard University

Robb Fitzsimmons studies the creation and maintenance of social capital in online and offline interactions, particularly where those spheres intersect. Robb’s current research involves the transitions between in-person and Internet conversation and collaboration, hoping to discern success factors of highly functional connectors. Contexts of particular interest include curation of personal identities, corporate identities and branding, and collaborative projects driven by social capital.

Previously, Robb worked with FSG Social Impact Consultants, a firm founded through a collaboration of faculty from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. With FSG, he worked with philanthropic foundations, international agencies, and Fortune 500 companies to develop and promote profitable, socially innovative products and business models.

Robb grew up in central Illinois and concentrated in history and science at Harvard College, specializing in the study of biochemistry. His thesis examined the role of biomedical research as a marketing tool in mass-market food beginning in the 1990s. He lives and works in Harvard Yard, where he is a proctor in 250-year-old Hollis Hall.

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